Friday, March 30, 2007

Tigers sign Guillen

The Tigers re-signed short-shop Carlos Guillen to a 4-year $48 million contract. Scouts say Detroit got a steal, as Guillen is worth more than that, but I think $12M per year is perfectly fine for Carlos. Now the only player holding out of a contract is still the one-and-only Carlos Zambrano, as Chicago has approximately 3 days to sign the big fella.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eric Gagne to DL

The Texas Rangers have announced the placement of closer Eric Gagne onto the DL. Rangers officials said they needed to give Gagne some more time to get in perfect shape for the season, since he's missed significant time the past 2 seasons. Kenny Rogers and Rafael Furcal are some other big names who were placed on the DL today. Rogers because of a tired arm and Furcal because of a weak ankle after collision with teammate Jason Repko in a Spring Training exhibition.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Minor Tidbits

Carlos Zambrano is talking about joining the New York Mets after the season, tempting his team to offer him a contract. As he stated before, if he doesnt' get an extension, he won't remain a Cub after this season. In other news: Byung-Hyung Kim, who has recently been put into the bullpen, isn't happy and says that he won't be a Rockie for long......

Monday, March 26, 2007


The Milwaukee Brewers have agreed to send outfielder Brady Clark to Los Angeles in return for long time journey man Elmer Dessens, who has now been traded by the Dodgers twice. It looks like a steal for LAD, as Dessens doesn't really impress anyone and just has bland stuff on the mound.


The Florida Marlins have announced that they have traded Yusmiero Petit to the Arizona Diamondbacks, acquiring Jorge Julio. Julio is going to be the Marlins closer to open the season and will most likely secure the job for the entire season. Florida now has a proven veteran to come in and finish off teams.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Royals acquire Tony Pena Jr.

The Royals General Manager Dayton Moore acquired one of his previous players as Tony Pena Jr. was traded to the Kansas City Royals. Scouts say Pena will put up Berroa like numbers, meaning that he will have a .244/.279/.337 year. Berroa will most likely be released after this season by the Royals, so the splash of a new player might help them at a position that they are dreaded at.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daisuke's Wonderful Outing

Another chapter in the Daisuke saga developed today as Matsuzaka took the mound against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He pitched 5 2/3 innings only giving up 1 hit and retiring the last 15 batters he faced. He looked exceptionally sharp against the Pirates offense which is pretty well rounded as they added Adam LaRoche in the offseason. Of course we will have to wait and watch if Daisuke can perform in early April when he opens the season against the Royals.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yusmiero Petit for Jorge Julio

Yup thats right you heard it. The Marlins are dangling prospect Yusmiero Petit in front of the Diamondbacks's eyes in effort to acquire Jorge Julio to be their closer. It might actually be a smart move for the Marlins because they need a closer very desperately and would minus well move one of their many specs in order to get one.


The Giants have no clue what to do with Armando Benitez. He has been pitching wonderfully in spring training, so his value is much higher, and Giant fans have also been booing him in his outings. But if they do trade Benitez, they don't have a relief pitcher as of now who is experienced with closing out games, and giving 126 million to Barry Zito must mean they are trying to win this season. If I were the GM, I would trade Benitez and give the closing role to Correia because I have much hope in the young relief pitcher.

Prior and Wood Again.......

Old news but the Cubs have came out and said that Prior will start the season on either the disabled list or in the minor leagues, and Wood is out indefinantly with shoulder pain. All Cubs fan's hope of healthy Wood and Prior were once again shattered. What drama.......

Colorado looking to move a SP

Byung-Hyung Kim and Josh Fogg are being shopped by the Colorado Rockies, who are getting very good interest in both of them. Oakland looks very interested in Kim while the Orioles have been asking Colorado for Fogg for about 2 seasons. One of them most likely will be moved before the season starts, but the question is: which one?

Ichiro to be Traded?

If Seattle isn't in the AL West race by the trade deadline, Ichiro Suzuki will most likely be traded since he doesn't look to resign with the team. Ichiro has already hinted that he would like to join Boston, alongside Daisuke Matsuzaka, but that is just rumor. Hopefully Seattle can get a good package for Ichiro because they are looking very weak lately and they aren't getting much younger.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Josh Hamilton

Red's fans have been raving over the newly acquired Rule 5 draftee Josh Hamilton. Josh's story is a very intriguing one, going from a first round pick with huge upside to a druggy who ruined his life. But this all changed when Cincinatti decided to take a chance on Hamilton and select him with their selection in the Rule 5 draft. So far this deal is paying off immensley as Hamilton is exploding in his first training camp with the Reds. He has a .595 average with 1 HR and 6 RBI's in 31 AB's and is figured to be the starting centerfielder for Cincinnati with Ken Griffey on the DL. If this move pays off for Cincinatti in the end, Tampa Bay will have a hard time knowing that he could of roamed their outfield for many years to come.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chris Shelton

The latest on Tiger's 1B'man Chris Shelton's hot start to spring is most likely to get him moved to a new team. Shelton has opened up Spring Training with 7 hits in 14 AB's and seems to be seeing the ball much better than he was last season. The Tigers are leaning more to Chris Shelton or Gary Sheffield to occupy the position, so they minus well trade him while he's hot. My percentage of a Shelton deal going down: 60%

Daisuke's First Flop

Today, Daisuke Matsuzaka haters became one step closer to be being proven right, as Mr. Matsuzaka got rocked against the Baltimore Orioles. He pitched 4 innings, giving up 3 earned runs including 2 home-runs to minor league quality hitters. America finally realized that Daisuke is still just a human being and won't have an eye-popping earned-run-average or even a moderate ERA this upcoming season.

Daisuke's Line:
4.0 6 4 3 0 3 2 3.86

Monday, March 5, 2007

Potential Blockbuster

Toronto Blue Jay general manager, J.P. Riccardi, tells the press that Toronto has absolutely no intension to trade Alex Rios, unless they can acquire either Brett Myers or Cole Hamels from the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies say that they think this offer is "absurd" but the Phillies were always noted to have great interest in the young outfielder. I say that this deal has a 20% chance of happening.

In other Phillie news, they have been attempting to trade centerfielder Aaron Rowand to San Diego to acquire relief pitcher Scott Linebrink. If this is true, the Phillies look to have a steal in Linebrink, who put up solid numbers last year in San Diego.

Overall, today has been a pretty horrible day for baseball, almost nothing has happened today!

Spring Training 3/5

BAL defeats FLA 5-3.
MIL defeats CWS 4-3. Bill Hall hits a HR.
HOU defeats STL 5-0.
CHC defeats SEA 6-5. Kerry Wood gets a W.
LAD defeats BOS 2-1.
OAK defeats LAA 8-7. LAA is handed 1st loss of the spring.
MIN defeats TBD 4-2.
KCR defeats SDP 9-4. Ryan Shealy hits a jack off of Jake Peavy.
CIN defeats PHI 9-8. Brandon Phillips goes yard.
ARI defeats SF 9-0. Jusin Upton hits a HR.
PIT and TOR end in a 8-8 tie. Vernon Wells hits a HR.
TEX defeats COL 8-2.
ATL defeats WSN 14-5.
CLE defeats NYM 2-1.
NYY defeats DET 6-5.

Brandon Phillips hits his 3rd HR of Spring Training and ties Ryan Braun for the most this spring. Justin Upton also takes one step closer to getting to the Big Leagues by sending one out of the yard.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Spring Training 3/3

BAL defeats WSH 7-2. Daniel Cabrera over John Patterson
CLE defeats DET 11-2. Monroe goes deep.
LAA defeats COL 9-8. Tommy Murphy and Jeff Salazar go deep.
CWS defeats ARI 6-5. Jermaine Dye HR!
STL defeats FLA 8-1.
OAK and CHC end in a tie after 10 innings.
HOU defeats ATL 6-1.
TEX defeats KC 8-5. Teahen and Buck hit their first of ST.
CIN defeats MIN 14-1. Brandon Phillips goes yard.
SD defeats SEA 1-0.
PHI defeats BOS 12-9.
SFG defeats MIL 12-8.
LAD defeats NYM 5-2. Jose Reyes 2nd HR of ST.
NYY defeats PIT 4-3.

3 undefeated teams remain: Angels, Yankees, and Reds!!

Rumor Tidbits

I've been looking for some juicy rumors so I collected a few for you readers:

"The Detroit News speculates that if the Tigers and SS Carlos Guillen don't agree on terms for an extension, a replacement will be pricey in dollars or trade. Detroit could deal a pitcher for a shortstop so the club will wait until Guillen's status is resolved before dealing any pitchers. Guillen may opt for the free agent market simply because of the exploding market."

"The Kansas City Star reports the Royals have no interest in re-signing veteran lefty Mark Redman, who remains available on the free-agent market. Redman was the club’s pitcher of the year in 2006 after going 11-10 with a 5.71 ERA in 29 starts. GM Dayton Moore said, “We’re comfortable with what we have at this point.”"

"Moises Alou told the New York Post he’s hoping the 2008 season will be his last. “I want to play good this year and that means the Mets are going to pick up my option and I'm going to come back next year and have a nice two years." When catcher Paul Lo Duca arrived at camp, he also expressed a desire to return to the Mets, as reported by the Bergen Record. Lo Duca had offseason surgery to repair a torn tendon in his left hand and is headed into the final season of the three-year, $18-million contract he signed with the Marlins."

"According to a report on, the Diamondbacks were one of at least eight teams that made overtures to the Yankees last season about acquiring third baseman Alex Rodriguez in a trade.
Diamondbacks General Manager Josh Byrnes downplayed the report.
"I really don't want to comment on it," he said. "The amount of discussions we have with clubs, we probably talk about every player on every team to some degree of seriousness. But I don't really want to discuss that or the nature of it in much more detail."
The report is basically moot, anyway, considering Rodriguez informed Yankees GM Brian Cashman last season he would not waive his no-trade clause, regardless of the destination. The other teams said to have made trade attempts include the Dodgers, Angels, Giants, White Sox, Cubs, Phillies and Indians."

Friday, March 2, 2007

Spring Training 3/2

TOR defeats BOS 9-6.
LAA defeats CHC 9-6. Vlad, Figgins, Matthews all go deep
PHI defeats CLE 6-4. Ryan Howard hits one after resigning for $900,000
ARI defeats CHW 10-3.
DET defeats HOU 13-8. Pudge, Ensberg, Pence go yard.
MIL defeats SF 21-2. Ryan Braun goes yard two days in a row and now has 3 long shots!
BAL defeats FLA 3-0.
SDP defeats SEA 3-2. Ibanez sends one out.
NYY defeats TB 3-1.
KCR defeats TEX 8-6. Ryan Shealy with a monster shot.
NYM defeats STL 6-5.
ATL defeats PIT 5-4.
LAD defeats WSN 12-7. Zimmerman hits a HR.

Ryan Braun continues to excite the Brewers as he goes 3-3 with a HR today, the day after he send 2 out of the park.

Meaux of the Giants only gets 1 out and gives up an astounding 6 ER, sending his ERA to 162.0!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Spring Training 3/1

FLA defeats BAL 8-6.
ARI defeats CHW 8-5. Carlos Quentin goes DEEEEEP!
TOR defeats BOS 4-1.
COL defeats CHW 4-3. Joe Crede goes DEEP
CIN defeats PIT 9-7. Belhorn, Dunn, Hamilton, Keppinger, Phillips, Matos, McCuthechen all go yard
CLE defeats HOU 13-2. Victor Martinez jacks one.
MIL defeats OAK 14-8. Ryan Braun goes deep twice!
ATL defeats LAD 7-2.
SF defeats CHC 9-2. Zito gets his first win as a Giant
DET defeats PHI 9-7. Sheffield goes yard for his new team.
NYM defeats STL 4-3. Jose Reyes goes deep.
NYY defeats MIN 6-1. Damon goes yard in first AB. Giambi also hits one.

Suprise Player: Ryan Braun for MIL hits 2 HR's including one off of Harden. My boi Andrew McCutheon also hit one on the day!!

Angels/Royals 1st Spring Games

at Tempe, Ariz.
Thursday, March 1
Royals at the plate: Shortstop Angel Berroa worked the count full and slammed a two-out, RBI single to center. Catcher Paul Phillips also had an RBI single.

Angels at the plate: Left fielder Tommy Murphy had a pair of RBI singles, and Nick Gorneault, also bidding for an outfield spot, slapped a two-out RBI single. Erick Aybar tripled to the gap and scored on Robb Quinlan's RBI single.

Royals on the mound: Starter Brian Bannister was efficient and in command, surrendering just one single in two innings, striking out one. Rule 5 acquisition Joakim Soria was impressive in his debut, working two hitless innings, striking out one.

Angels on the mound: Starter Ervin Santana delivered two scoreless innings, walking two and striking out two and giving up no hits. Chris Bootcheck was touched for five hits and a walk in two innings, giving up one run.

Cactus League records: Royals 0-1; Angels 1-0.

Up next: The Royals face the Rangers on Friday at Surprise Stadium. Right-hander Gil Meche makes his first start of the spring. The Angels play the Cubs in Mesa, and left-hander Joe Saunders is scheduled to make no more than 30 pitches."

Looks like Brian Bannister has some pretty good stuff for the Royals and Soria will provide good bullpen help. It's still very early to make assumptions but it's good news for both the Royals and Halos that they played pretty good.

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