Saturday, December 11, 2010

Red Sox Sign, Introduce Crawford

Crawford tries on his new cap
 The Boston Red Sox made another big splash this offseason, signing outfielder Carl Crawford to a 7-year deal worth $142M. Crawford was the top hitter in the free-agent class, hitting .307 with 19 HR 90 RBI and 47 SB while playing one of the game's best left fields. The 29-year old got the deal he was looking for, but it was quite surprising that it was the Red Sox who stormed in and grabbed the speedster.  The Industry believed it was teams like the Angels or Yankees that would haul in Carl, but the Red Sox gave Crawford the money he wanted when it counted.  The price-tag is a little steep, no matter how deep your walletbook is, but the Sox look like the best team in the league after adding both Crawford and  Adrian Gonzalez into the fold.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cubs Grab Pena

Pena goes to Cubbies
After trading away Derrek Lee last season, the Chicago Cubs have signed a free-agent to replace the slugger.  The Cubbies have agreed to a 1-year, $10M deal with first-baseman Carlos Pena.  Pena is a feast-or-famine hitter who hit .196 in a full season last year with 28 HR, 84 RBI and almost two-hundred strike-outs.  He is also a good defensive player and clubhouse presence, so the Cubs made a smart deal here in my opinion.  The price is a bit high, but a 1-year deal almost always merits an overpriced payment.  Pena will look to rebound in the National League, and give the Cubs a much-needed lefty bat in the middle of their lineup.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Padres Close To Dealing Gonzalez to Boston

Big news coming late tonight, as the San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox are "close" to an agreement which would sent super-star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to Boston for a package of prospects which is sue to include some top prospects.  Adrian hit .298 with 31 HR and 101 RBI last year for the Padres, in a very spacious park.  A move to Fenway would almost definitely mean an increase in stats, despite the league change.  Gonzalez is a rare breed of a first-baseman who hits for average and power as well as Gold-Glove quality defense.  The move would likely force Boston to move Kevin Youkilis to third-base.

Yankees Resign Mariano Rivera

Rivera returns to...NYY
 Just as everyone believed they would, the New York Yankees have resigned their beloved closer Mariano Rivera.  Rivera inked a two-year deal worth about $30M, and the 41-year old will slot into his usual role: the New York Yankees closer.  On an interesting note, there is rumors that the Boston Red Sox as well as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tried to  pry Rivera away from the Yankees by offering him some good looking contracts.  Rivera deserves credit for turning down what is to believed an extra $15M from the Red Sox to remain with New York.  Mariano saved 33 games in 60 innings in 2010.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

White Sox Sign Slugger Dunn

"The Big Donkey" to CHW
The fast moving Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams has did it again, this time quietly communicating with and signing first-baseman Adam Dunn to a 4-year deal worth $56M.  The 10-season Veteran will be on the first American League team of his career, and brings with him 354 career longballs. In 2010, Adam Dunn hit .260 with 38 HR and 103 RBI for the Washington Nationals.  Moving to the hitter-friendly U.S. Cellular Field will be a positive, but it will be interesting to see Dunn's numbers in his first AL season. Still, the White Sox did not overpay and have found a terrific replacement for free-agent Paul Konerko.  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Signings Update

Tejada moves in with SFG
Couple signings occured today, so let's recap some of the action:
  • The San Francisco Giants reacted quickly to the news that infielder Juan Uribe was leaving to the Dodgers, as they signed short-stop Miguel Tejada to a 1-year deal worth $6.5M as well as re-signed outfield Pat Burrell.  Tejada played in 59 games for the San Diego Padres last year, after being traded by the Baltimore Orioles.  The 36-year hit .268 with 8 HR in those games, so the bat still seems to have some pop. As for Burrell, after being signed to the Giants, he hit .266 with 18 HR and 51 RBI as well as posting a .364 OBP.  He was one of the big reasons the Giants won the title, and is now inked to an incentive-laden one-year pact.
  • The New York Yankees resigned reliever/spot-starter Sergio Mitre to a 1-year deal worth $900K.  Mitre posted a 3.33 ERA in 27 games dispite a miniscule 4.8 K/9.  He will serve as a long-reliever who can occasionally spot start.

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