Saturday, December 11, 2010

Red Sox Sign, Introduce Crawford

Crawford tries on his new cap
 The Boston Red Sox made another big splash this offseason, signing outfielder Carl Crawford to a 7-year deal worth $142M. Crawford was the top hitter in the free-agent class, hitting .307 with 19 HR 90 RBI and 47 SB while playing one of the game's best left fields. The 29-year old got the deal he was looking for, but it was quite surprising that it was the Red Sox who stormed in and grabbed the speedster.  The Industry believed it was teams like the Angels or Yankees that would haul in Carl, but the Red Sox gave Crawford the money he wanted when it counted.  The price-tag is a little steep, no matter how deep your walletbook is, but the Sox look like the best team in the league after adding both Crawford and  Adrian Gonzalez into the fold.

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