Thursday, May 3, 2007

Snelling for Langerhans

The Oakland Athletics traded cash and APTBNL to Atlanta for Ryan Langerhans, a left-fielder that was once thought high upon. Great move by Oaktown right? Only problem is Ryan flew to Oakland started in centerfield, dropped a pop fly, and was told after the game that he was being traded to the Washington Nationals for young outfielder Chris Snelling. In my eyes, Langerhans had all the skills to be a good left-fielder, but never put the skills together. He only hit .068 in the first month with Atlanta and went 0-4 in 1 game for Oakland. Hopefully Ryan will get a shot and make the most of it in Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Langerhans should be happy for the trade, because he will be able to start almost every day for the Nats, while on most other teams he would be limited to a role of reserve/defensive replacement. Who knows, maybe he'll get his swing together over time...

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