Monday, December 3, 2007

Pettite To Return To Bronx/Nats Offered Cordero For Weeks

  • Left-hander Andy Pettite will indeed return to the New York Yankees next season, agreeing upon a 1-year deal worth $16M. Pettite had a decent 2007, compiling a 4.11 ERA in well over 200 innings-pitched.
  • Doug Melvin, manager for the Milwaukee Brewers, told the media that the Washington Nationals indeed offered closer Chad Cordero for young second-baseman Rickie Weeks. The move would make some sense for the Brewers, but it doesn't look like they have too many second-base replacements in the minor-leagues.
  • There's a trade picking up steam, the Texas Rangers would trade third-baseman Hank Blalock to the St. Louis Cardinals in return for often-injured Scott Rolen and utility player Chris Duncan. The trade would make the Cardinals much better, but they seem very reluctant to include Duncan in any trade.

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