Saturday, February 17, 2007

2007 Amateur Draft

June 7th and 8th is the 2007 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft. This is where the lowly teams stock up on great prospects to be powerhouses (hopefully) in the future. I, with help of Baseball America, have complied a list of my predictions for the 1st round:

1(TB). David Price LHP from Vanderbuilt, David will be the the first LHP drafted 1st since 1991.

2 (KC). Matt Wieters C/CL from Georgia Tech. Wieters is a switch-hitting catcher with pretty amazing power. He was also a closer for GT and threw 98 mph on his fastball.

3(CHC). Andrew Brackman RHP from North Carolina State, Andrew is a staggering 7 feet tall and is able to throw 99 mph.

4(PIT). Rick Porcello RHP from Seton Hall Prep

5(BAL). Matt Harvey RHP from Fitch HS in Groton, Conneticut. Harvey looks like a very well polished right hander.

6(WSN). Daniel Moskos LHP from Clemson. Moskos was used mainly as a relief pitcher, but most scouts say he has enough endurance to start.

7(MIL). Joe Savery LHP from Rice. Sleeper pick, but all depends how he comes back from a shoulder injury.

8(COL). Michael Burgess OF from Hillsborough HS in Tampa. Went to same high school as Gary Sheffield and is said as the closest thing to Sheffield there is. Amazing bat speed and power.

9(ARI). Julio Borbon OF from Tennessee. Acclaimed as the next Johnny Damon. Once drafted, will miss about 8-10 weeks because of an injury.

10(SFG). Josh Vitters DH (any position) from Cypress, CA. Vitters is the best hitter in high schools period.

11(SEA). Jake Arrieta RHP from Texas Christian. 0.27 ERA in last summer's college national team.

12(FLA). Jason Heyward OF from Henry Co HS in McDonough, Georgia. Huge power, considered to be the next Fred McGriff.

13(CLE). Ross Detwiller LHP from Missouri State.

14(ATL). Matt Mangini 3B from Oklahoma State.

15(CIN). Blake Beavan RHP from Irving Texas High School.

16(TOR from TEX). J.P. Arencibia C from Tennessee.

17(TEX from HOU). Josh Fields RHP from Georgia. Best fastball and slider in college.

18(STL). Jack McGeory LHP/1B from Roxbury Latin HS in W. Roxbury,Massachussets. Best LHP in high school.

19(PHI). Madison Bumgarner LHP from S. Caldwell HS . in Hudson, N.C.

20(LAD from BOS). Cole St. Clair LHP from Rice

21(TOR). Nick Schmidt LHP from Arkansas. Would be much higher but worked too hard last summer with Team USA. Another Sleeper.

22(SFG from LAD). Matt Dominguez 3B from Chatsworth, California. More power than Vitters, but still much worse in every other hitting category.

23(SDP). Michael Main RHP/OF from Deland, Florida HS.

24(TEX from LAA). Justin Jackson SS from Roberson HS in Ashville, North Carolina.

25(CHW). Neil Ramirez RHP from Kempsville, Virginaia HS. Top spec in Cal Ripken's summer college league.

26(OAK). Ryan Dent SS/2B from Wilson HS in Los Angeles. Top leadoff prospect in high school ranks.

27(DET). Todd Frazier SS/OF from Rutgers. Raw power, nothing more.

28(MIN). Kentrail Davis OF from Theodore, Alabama HS.

29(SF from NYM). Sean Doolittle 1B/LHP from Virginia.

30(NYY). Eric Elland OF from Lamar HS in Houston, Texas.

Wow what a list, including a 7 footer flame thrower!! The best player i.m.o. in the draft is Josh Vitters who is predicted to go to SF. He has major hitting skills and is very polished.


Cubs Fan said...

7 foot pitcher or not. Cubs are still going to win the WS in 07!

newyork1080 said...

BTW, Great Info on prospects:

My question...

Whats ur expert opinion on the lack of a regulated true baseball sal cap. Teams like the yankees, whether its effective or not, just completely throw off the blance of the league when it comes to marketing franchises and recruiting and bringing in players- and just generally building franchises. The players that come fresh out of the draft are truly undecided as to where they are going to end up. This is because they dont like to play for the royals or the devil rays. The players who end up on these big market teams become greedy. It is truly disgusting sometimes how football players give mch more to charity, yet they have shorter careers, get payed less, get beat up, never stop their workout/conditioning routines, dont have the luxury of staying in new york for 4 days, getting a day off and then hopping a bus over to philly for 6 days. Baseball players generally give much less to charity, yet they haveit alot harder than football player do....not to mention they can get jacked up on steroids and the commish walks by bonds in the hallway with the stuff and says "hey , how are you doing mr. bonds."

shane said...

i will personally give you 20 bucks i the cubs win the WS... Wood/Prior are defnitaly going to pitch 200 innings this year!!all i have to say is the mariners better pick someone good this year, unlike the last 3

Keith said...

Who says they don't like playing for KC or Tampa? Alex Gordon was a KC fan his whole life and dreamed of playing the hot corner for them. Players really don't care where they long as they get the chance and get payed.

Oh I thought Clement was a good pick...just cuz they were stupid and rushed him to AAA made it look bad.

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