Saturday, February 17, 2007

Replying to a Question......

Giantsfreak1080 wrote: Whats ur expert opinion on the lack of a regulated true baseball sal cap. Teams like the yankees, whether its effective or not, just completely throw off the balance of the league when it comes to marketing franchises and recruiting and bringing in players- and just generally building franchises. The players that come fresh out of the draft are truly undecided as to where they are going to end up. This is because they don't like to play for the royals or the devil rays. The players who end up on these big market teams become greedy. It is truly disgusting sometimes how football players give much more to charity, yet they have shorter careers, get payed less, get beat up, never stop their workout/conditioning routines, don't have the luxury of staying in new york for 4 days, getting a day off and then hopping a bus over to philly for 6 days. Baseball players generally give much less to charity, yet they have it alot harder than football player do....not to mention they can get jacked up on steroids and the commish walks by bonds in the hallway with the stuff and says "hey , how are you doing mr. bonds." --------------------------My answer to this is i don't agree with you when you stated that the "yankees just completely throw off the balance of the league" because the Yankees just have a different way of handling business. They'd rather sign older proven players than try their luck will prospects. This method is not by all means the greatest way of doing things, but it has been working for them recently. About the baseball and football players, I agree with you and believe that baseball players should do much more with their communities since their job isn't nearly as hard as many jobs out in the real world. Their job is to entertain fans and try to win championships, a measly job to most people. Also, baseball players make tons more salary than football players, meaning they shouldn't care about reaching out to fans. Thanks for the question Giantsfreak and if anyone has any questions please send them to me and I'll be glad to reply to them


shane said...

the MLB desperatly needs a salary cap, look how sucessful the NFL is. Any team can compete, its just fair. i totally agree with you josh

Joshn728 said...

I disagree with your "No Yankees farm system" statement. Baseball America ranks them the fourth best farm system, and the no.1 farm system pitching.

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