Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daisuke Matsuzaka A Phenom or Flop?

Dice-K, a great nickname for the proclaimed "Japanese Johan", right? At first sight, one would think so after looking at his amazing strike-out numbers in the Japan leagues, but that won't always convert into great numbers in the major leagues, the best baseball players on this earth. The Red Sox surprised everyone this offseason by bidding 51.1M, about 13M over every other bid, just to talk to Daisuke. They, as well as their fans, hope Matsuzaka is worth the money because he could easily flop and put Boston in a huge money problem. My prediction for Dice-K is a 3.9 ERA, and 192 IP with commanding K numbers and a good WHIP. I'm not too high on the hype, and believe that his numbers will drastically rise after this year, just as most players from other countries fall into after the rest of the league finds out how to hit them. By the end of Daisuke's contract I predict that this ERA will be around 4.96, but still with some good strikeout numbers. Comment me with what you think about this post, I want to know what you guys think, even though this conversation has happened many times every day.


twenty6ix said...

people need to get off of Dauiseka (or whatever the fuck his name is) dick. dude hasent fucking pitched in the majors, and people play this like a fucking apocalypse is going to happen. yes, he keep a promising ERA this year, but i wanna see his entire contract play out. dude's gonna FLOP.

Anonymous said...

good concepts in the article, but it reads as if i was reading an AIM convo. here is a really good tip on making your writing sound alot better to your readers. read it to yourself out loud. you'll catch bad sentences like the one that went "could easily flop and put boston in a huge money problem"

just some constructive criticism. good luck, I can tell you enjoy this type of writing and I urge you to stick with it.

Josh Jones said...

Thanks man, I will do that every time now, I was just caught in my thought in that sentence and didn't know how to put it... haha

Pat Andriola said...

I like this Dice-K work. I think he'll be very good, as in a Mike Mussina-esque career.

Check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

what do you think of all the rumours surrounding his "gyroball"?

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