Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wily Mo Pena

Just Figured I wanted to write an article on a player that I really feel is capable of great things. Wily Modesto Pena, the rightfielder who plays currently for the Boston Red Sox, is a player that in my opinion will become a superstar if only given a starting job every day. He has tremendous power, leaning back with all 6'3" 216 pounds of himself, and unleashing on the ball. Last season he logged a mere 276 AB's, hitting .301 with 11 HR and 42 RBI's. He has only really played everyday in 2004 with the Cincinatti Reds, playing in 110 games hitting .259 with amazing 26 HR's. There were rumors this offseason that San Diego might be shopping Scott Linebrink just to try to get big Wily, but all talks have been discinegrated. If a small market team traded for Pena and gave him the playing time he deserves, I would almost guarantee a .268 35 95 season. This guys is the real deal, and still extremely young at 24. Give Wily a try and you won't be dissapointed.

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CUBS said...

I think Wily Mo is going to be good in the future also. He is just a monster

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