Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Royals!

In the season of 2007, every teams enters spring training with a head full of excitement. The Kansas City Royals came into camp with an even different feeling, the feeling of redemption. For the last few years, lets face it, the Royals have been around the worst teams in the entire Major Leagues, but this year I have a feeling this is all gonna change. First of all, the new GM Dayton Moore made some amazing moves this off season including signing an actual major league SP to ace the rotation and a relief pitcher who could actually close out some games.
These moves including one of the best moves of trading inconsistent reliever Ambriox Burgos to the New York Mets, acquiring young right-handed Brian Bannister. Bannister was very high up in the Mets rotation last year, but an injury put him down last year and kept him down for the rest of the season. But this year, he says he is feeling great and ready to help KC's rotation. My prediction for Bannister is a 4.06 ERA with a 9-10 record. This will help the rotation tremendously because Bannister will hopefully build of this success, moving on towards the 2008 season.
That was a very great deal for Kansas City, but nothing can be better than the two pitchers Moore signed this off season, Gil Meche and Octavio Dotel. Some people would argue that they overpaid for the pitcher, an estimated 5 yr $55M deal, but Dayton says that Meche has commanding stuff and feels like he will have his best season of his career this year. Dotel is a relief pitcher with very good power, an amazing 79 k's to only 50.2 IP in 2004, who can surely close out some games for the Royal blue. My prediction for Dotel is 3.92 ERA with 65k's with 23 saves.


wcoastjay said...

i disagree with your analysis of Gil Meche. he was terrible as a mid-rotation guy in Seattle, what makes you think he can be the ace of a terrible Kansas City team?

Josh Jones said...

Well Meche wasn't exactly terrible as the mid-rotation guy. He posted an 11-8 record with a 4.48 ERA with 156K's in 186.2 IP. This year he also feels much healthier, hopefully giving him more movement and speed on his pitches, thus translating into a slightly smaller ERA, maybe 4.1 or 4.2 . Thanks for ur comment wcoastjay!!

Keith said...


Gil Meche was pretty good last year...actually he was like Seattle's best pitcher ERA wise anyways.

No one in the league doubts his stuff...he's got a heavy mid 90's fastball, a hard curve around 81...and a power slider around 87.

Dayton said in the best...once pitching talent and pitching skill come together, great things happen. I'm certainly not expecting a 3.5 ERA this year, but it's not out of the realm for a 4.1 or so.

Aaron said...

Gil Meche was a very good signing for Kansas City. Now they have another solid starter in addition to Redman, a healthy Greinke, and possibly Elarton?

Josh Jones said...

u can't forget Brian Bannister and thanks for your post!

shane said...

I've watched meche that past 5 years... in no way shape or form does he have control.. and im a M's fan... he'll sadly be a #1 at KC... he is no way worth that contract... he feels healthier cause he just signed a contract that guarantees 55 million... i'd feel healthy too... its funny you guys think this is a good signing, you guys havn't had the (lets call it joy) to watch meche pitch start after start

Keith said...

It's funny he hasn't even thrown a pitch yet this year and it's already a bad signing. What's even more funny, is that if you resigned'd be behind him every step of the way too. Just like your probably behind the brilliant move of Soriano for Ramirez.

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