Saturday, February 17, 2007

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon is looked at my so many prospect websites as the best prospect in all of baseball, and I couldn't agree more. RotoAuthority has Gordon predicted .275 average with 20 HR's 72 RBI's and 15 SB's. I have Gordon predicted around there but at .282 with 21 HR 70 RBI and 12 SB's, still numbers that WILL give Gordon the American League Rookie of the Year award next year, beating out Daisuke who is bound to have a horrid season with all the hype. The Royals, who also have power hitting Billy Butler, have all the pieces necessary to be a power house in a few seasons and Gordon has a huge role in this process. Good Luck Alex!


Anonymous said...

it's good reading my only thoughts were that while it is about the royals and angels it is very strongly opinionated towards those teams and against others

and was just wondering where you got your projections from

keep up the good work though

Josh Jones said...

My predictions are from my own head and of course will be somewhat opinionated, but I will start to use ZIPS projections more to delete the opiniation. Thanks for ur comment!

Anonymous said...

nice blog, i cant say i will def come back and read more, but if i was a royals or angels fan i would

Josh Jones said...

well i'm gonna add other teams of course. just more of Royals and Angels. I'm working on a few prospects to write about

SweedishHamma said...

The scariness of Gordon and Butler in the same lineup for a decade is not fair. Your spelling and grammer need help in general on the page. You are overrating the players signed by the Royals, and expecting too much from Mathews Jr. LAA will be fine, and I'm excited to follow Brandon Wood, Eric Aybar, Howwie Kendrick, Napoli, and Morales who have raked for 2 years in our fantasy league.

shane said...

alex gordon is a great player that will soon be in the MLB due to the horrible team he was drafted too. he'll be the next 3B phenom

Anonymous said...

alot of opinionated writing and bad guesses. hype = a bad season? alright. that makes sense.

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