Friday, February 23, 2007

Milwaukee Brewers

From my friend Matt's blog, check it out at Lets take a look at your 2007 Milwaukee Brewers teamm

C: Johnny Estrada/ Damian MillerAnalysis: This is a very strong core, Estrada former all star catcher had a very decent average with a .301 average. Miller is a very good backup who can fill in when need be.

1B: Prince FielderAnaylsis: Fielder is a beast he hit 28 homeruns with a good .271 average, he is going to be a very good 1B when he developes.

2B: Rickie Weeks/ Craig CounselAnaylsis: If Weeks stays healthy he can have a monster year. He has the power and speed and contact to be a 5 tool machine. Counsel is very nice backup at 2B, SS, 3B.

3B: Corey Koskie/ Craig CounselAnaylsis: If Koskie remains the 3B, and gets over the post concussion he can be a very fine 3B, plays solid D and can hit.

SS: J.J. Hardy/ Craig CounselAnaylsis: Hardy is a question mark, he hasnt proven he can hit in the majors and has been injury prone.LF: Geoff Jenkins/ Kevin MenchJenkins if he can figure out how to hit lefties may be a fine

LF. If he cant than Mench is there to do that. Jenkins is good at hitting Righties.

CF: Bill HallOne of the most underrated player led the league for homers in the shortstop posistion and has good speed and needs to work on contact.

RF: Corey HartHe has the potentiol to be a 5 tool player, he has excellent power, speed, and contact as well as plays good D.

Starting 5
1. Ben Sheets- if healthy one of the best pitchers in the game.
2. Chris Capuano- very underrated and was a all star last year.
3. Jeff Suppan- very good in the postseason and provides good leadership.
4. Dave Bush- another underrated pitcher and is gonna be good.
5. Claudio Vargas- a solid 5, better than Davis imo.

CL: Fransisco Cordero- one of the most dominating closers in the game with the Brewers.
SU: Matt Wise- if healthy another good reliever.
SR: Jose Capellan- very young and talented.
SR: Derrick Turnbow- if can get his act together can be very good.

Grades Lineup: B Defense: C Starting Pitching: B+ Bullpen: C+ Overall Grade: B Prediction 88-74
In my opinion, I think the Brewers have a solid team that combines awesome youth specs like Hardy and Hart with veteran leadership. I also believe that they have a few too many question marks in the bullpen and a few other spots. My prediction for the Brew Crew is 85-77.

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