Monday, June 18, 2007

Baltimore to revisit Tejada trade?

Baltimore sources say that the Baltimore front-office has been communicating with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim about sending short-stop Miguel Tejada to the Angels for Ervin Santana and Maicier Izturis. The Angels made this same offer last year at the deadline and Baltimore declined. Now with Tejada's power numbers dipping and signs of age starting to show, the O's might want Ervin Santana to help out their rotation and bring a youthful, powerful arm into their rotation.


Jones said...

i hope the angels do acquire Tejada

Derek said...

i dont think tejada is worth santana anymore.

Anonymous said...

NOT gonna happen

Corey Ettinger said...

Most trade ideas don't happen pal, but that doesn't make the speculation of them less enjoyable or relevant as it helps fans from both teams involved learn a little bit about what other teams have available to move.

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