Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Unlucky Cardinal

Since pitching a great game to beat Justin Verlander and the Tigers in the first game of the 2006 World Series, Anthony Reyes has been valued as a top prospect in the Cardinals organization. But now, we are still wondering if this is the same kid from the 2006 World Series. Anthony Reyes is now 0-10 on the season, with a sky-high 6.40 ERA and a huge 1.42 WHIP. This is the worst start for a pitcher in 14 years. The Cardinal offense doesn't seem to be providing him with enough run support, because in his first 7 starts he never allowed more than 4 runs in a game. That tells you something.

We knew this kid would be good, but I think he won't make it in the bigs for long. Maybe he will turn into a Rick Ankiel, a top prospect who has spent most of his career in the minors or maybe a Jeremy Guthrie story, being released and then pitching great for another team. Only the future will tell.

- Written by Kenny Schiumo of Major League Ramblings

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