Friday, June 22, 2007

Elijah Dukes demoted

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays demoted 22-year old Elijah Dukes to the inactive list. The move guarantees that Tampa will trade Elijah, its not just a matter of time. They seem to have given up on his attitude and off-field problems.


Corey Ettinger said...

Seriously, despite his attitude issues, if the Twins could get him I would love to have him as Hunters long term replacement. LOVE IT.

Sports said...

Man,I think he would be awesome pick up for the Cardinals. Seeing Edmonds is on the DL and we also could use a better RF then Juan, this would be ideal. I would think Tampa would want pitching and with Mulder, Carp, and Looper coming back then we could send a KIP WELLS TO THEM,THANK GOD!!!!

* I do know that this would not be a good deal as Wells may be the worst pitcher in the league

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