Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Atlanta Acquires Dan Uggla

Uggla should fit in with ATL
The first trade of the GM Meetings is official as power-hitting second-baseman Dan Uggla goes from the Florida Marlins to the Atlanta Braves.  In return Florida gets 2010 All-Star infielder Omar Infante and young reliever Michael Dunn.  Uggla spent his entire 5-year career in Florida, and goes to division-rival Atlanta with 154 HR in that same span.  Last year Dan hit .287 with 33 HR and 105 RBI, so the Braves definitely got a middle of the order masher on their hands.  Infante is a utility player who can play all 7 infield/outfield spots, and his versatility is even more intriguing when you consider he hit .321 on the year with a couple home-runs and stolen-bases sprinkled in.  Omar is a contact hitter who the Marlins can slot anywhere on defense without losing a step, making him a manager's best friend.  As for Dunn, the 25-year old had a pleasant minor-league campaign (3.39 career ERA in his minors career) and pitched in 19 innings for the 2010 Braves.  He posted a 1.89 ERA with 27 K in those innings, so he is definitely a lockdown lefty.  Very even deal, as the Braves get a middle of the order bat who is about to get expensive (He turned down a 4-year/$48M deal with the Marlins and is entering his last year of arbitration) and the Marlins get a ultra-utility player who is coming off an All-star campaign and a reliever who should blossom in the Fish's pen.

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