Saturday, November 13, 2010

San Diego Acquires Cameron Maybin

    Cameron Maybin, the newest
  • After the news broke a few hours ago that the Padres were talking to Florida about acquiring outfielder Cameron Maybin, the deal was finalized.  The Padres sent relievers Ryan Webb and Edward Mujica to the Marlins.  The 23-year old outfielder will slot nicely into San Diego's outfield, presummably in center-field.  Hopefully he can continue to improve and this would prove to be a nice deal by San Diego.  Webb is a lengthy reliever who has had terrific success in the major leagues (as all San Diego's pitchers do).  He has a 3.19 career ERA in just over 84 major league innings, and his K rate is decent at 6.7 K/9.  Mujica had two sub-4 ERA seasons after going to San Diego in 2009, and has terrific control (1.4 career BB/9).  The Marlins might have won immediately in this deal, getting two relievers who should shore up their bullpen.  The Padres take a gamble, giving up two quality relievers for a lottery ticket.  Maybin does have terrific potential though, so it may be worth the risk down the road.

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