Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free-Agent Predictions: Part 2

3. Jayson Werth: Werth is the top right-fielder in his class, and agent Scott Boras swears he can be a terrific centerfielder as well. While streaky, Werth hits you about 25 home-runs and throws in about 10 steals and some quality defense. My prediction here is the suddenly cash-filled Detroit Tigers will swoop in on Werth. Detroit needs a bat to replace Magglio Ordonez, and Jayson will fit in perfect in right. He can give protection to MVP-candidate Miguel Cabrera as well. 5-years $80M.

4. Adrian Beltre: Beltre is a tremendous defensive third-baseman, and hits you about 25 home-runs and drives in quite a bit as well. He has been known to have down years though, but his contract year was spectacular (.321 28HR 102RBI) and he will get paid for putting up those numbers. Beltre is a tough one because the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are favored for his services, but I doubt they will have enough cash to sign both Crawford and Beltre. I'm going with a darkhorse here, and choosing the Chicago White Sox. 4-years $55M

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