Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free-Agent Predictions: Part 5

I'm going to take Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter off this list, because we all know they will return to the Yankees.
9. Aubrey Huff: Aubrey had a terrific season in 2010, hitting .290 and leading the Giants with 26 HR and 86 RBI before winning the World Series.  His name has been swirling in the market, with many teams such as the White Sox, Blue Jays and Rangers getting in on the action.  Huff has made it clear that the Giants are his first choice, but they are going to have to give him a lot more money than the 1-year $3M pact they gave him last year.  Still, the San Francisco Giants are my prediction, bringing back their fan-favorite to the bay. 2-years $16M

10. Carl Pavano: The sudden innings-eater tossed 222.1 innings last year for the AL Central champion Twins.  He had a sparkling 3.75 ERA and won 17 games.  Definitely had one of the best seasons of his life at the right time, as the free-agent market for pitchers is unusually weak.  My prediction is he remains with the Minnesota Twins, the team that turned him back into a dominant starter.  3-years $26.5M

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