Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ramblings: Davis, Beltre, Marlins

    Davis will lead-off for TOR
  • The Toronto Blue Jays acquired speedster Rajai Davis for two minor league relievers: Danny Farquhar and Trystan Magnuson.   Both prospects were ranked in Toronto's top 25 prospects, so they paid quite a bit for a 30-year old outfielder.  Davis hit .281 with 50 SB in 2010, so he will give the Blue Jays a much needed lead-off hitter.
  • The Oakland A's have offered third-baseman Adrian Beltre a 5-year deal worth $45M.  Beltre has to love the years, but other teams are definitely going to offer him bigger contracts.  It is a decent attempt by Oakland, who tried to sign Adrian before Boston did last year. 
  • The Florida Marlins have said that they are going to spend the money that would have gone to Dan Uggla on a starting pitcher.  They have interested in Javier Vasquez and Carl Pavano.  Pavano wants 3-years $33M, so Vasquez is the more cost conscious choice.

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