Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ramblings: Moyer, Renteria, Peralta

  • The soon to be 48-year old hurler Jamie Moyer, might have to retire after reinjuring his elbow in a Dominican league game. The elbow held Moyer out of action for most of the second half of last year, and Escogido GM Moises Alou (Yes, that Moises Alou) said that he thinks the injury, which occured after two innings, will force Moyer to hang it up for good.
  • World Series MVP Edgar Renteria has finally came out and said that he will be returning for the 2011 season. The 34-year old hinted at retiring during the year, but the Giants' title might have changed Edgar's mind. He still believes he has plenty of baseball left and as cliche as that sounds I believe him.
  • UPDATE: Peralta signed for 2-years $11.25M...Hours before the free-agency begins, the Detroit Tigers believe that they are tremendously close to a 2-year pact with short-stop Jhonny Peralta. The deal is said to be worth a bit more than $11M, and seems to be the first of many signings the Tigers will make this year. Detroit has more than $60M coming off the books from last year and will be major players this offseason.

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