Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ramblings: Buck, Reynolds, de la Cruz, Blum, Contreras

  • The Red Sox might look at catcher John Buck in the free-agent market, says Gordon Edes of
  • Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Arizona Diamondbacks are shopping K-artist Mark Reynolds.  The third-baseman is the most notorious feast or famine hitter around (hitting 32 HR but striking out 211 times last year).  They are looking for contact hitters, especially after such a pathetic strike out-laden 2010 season they had.
  • The Oakland Athletics continue their busy week, this time signing 16-year old international free-agent Vicmal de la Cruz.  The center-fielder seems to be a 5-tool player with tons of upside.  Oakland paid Vicmal a $800K bonus.
  • A pair of veterans are deep in negotiations with their previous teams: Geoff Blum and Jose Contreras.  Blum is thought to be "close to resigning" with the Astros while the Phillies acknowledged that they are trying extremely hard to bring back Contreras.

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