Friday, November 9, 2007

Giants Re-Sign Vizquel

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"The San Francisco Giants have chosen to re-sign 41-year old short-stop Omar Vizquel to a 1-year deal worth $5.3M. The contract also includes an option for 2008, which will be exercised if Omar plays in 140 games next season. If he fails to do so, the Giants can buy-out the contract for $300,000.

Very awkward, as Vizquel is coming off his worst season since his ‘89 rookie year and is still receiving a raise from his $4M salary last season. Omar hit a mere .246, only hitting 4 HR’s and driving in 51 in 145 games.

Analysis: I thought the Giants were looking to get younger this off season? Looks like GM Brian Sabean wants to retain yet another veteran to hit sub-.250 and collect $5.3M. If I were a Giant fan, I would be completely assaulted with the move, as we lose another $1.3M in salary and must watch a 41-year old short stop make the occasional play or two." (

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