Monday, November 12, 2007

Jones/Infante Switch Almost Complete

"The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Chicago Cubs are close to trading outfielder Jacque Jones to the Detroit Tigers in return for infielder Omar Infante. The Tigers would most likely play Jones in left-field, improving their defense quite a bit from prospect Cameron Maybin. Detroit would be taking on Jones’ $5.5M salary next season, a decent sum when you consider that Jones had a very nice .285 5 HR 66 RBI season in 2007.

I can’t understand why the Cubs would want Infante. He is still young, 25, but their entire infield is made up of “infielders”, not players with specific positions. You can’t just fill a team with 4 utility players roaming the infield. It’s still good for Chicago, as they save $4.3M for next year, but I would guess they should rather attempt to receive a prospect from Detroit’s side.

Analysis: No doubt the Tigers would win in this deal, acquiring an outfielder who could do a decent job in left-field and give Cameron Maybin another year to get used to being in the big leagues. This move is merely a salary dump for the Cubs, trying to regain some of the money they paid to Alfonso Soriano in last year’s mega-deal. Infante is almost a younger version of Cesar Izturis, and we all know how great he did in Chi-Town." (

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