Monday, November 12, 2007

Posada/Yankees Agree To 4-Year Extension

"Yankees general-manager Brian Cashman tricked us all and signed catcher Jorge Posada to a 4-year deal worth $52M. After telling reporters that Jorge wouldn’t be resigned before the deadline, he did just that. The deal occurred slightly longer than an hour before the deadline approached, and i’m sure Met’s GM Omar Minaya is furious at this moment.

Minaya was even seen taking Posada and his family out to dinner, just to make sure that he would indeed wait until after the deadline to talk numbers with the Mets. The Mets will most likely just re-sign Paul Lo Duca now, as there really isn’t too much better out in the market. Yorvit Torrealba would be a decent choice, but he’s told Colorado that he will allow them to match any offer he receives.

Analysis: Sure the Yankees overpayed for Posada, but it was a matter of having too. Jorge had a tremendous 2007, batting at an absurd .338 mark. He also hit 20 home-runs and drove in 90. Amazing numbers when you realize that he also does a pretty good job fielding at the catcher position.

It was a done deal once the Yankees agreed to make the deal 4-years instead of keeping it at 3, which they originally offered. Good move on Cashman, as the Yankees already have too many personnel moves to lose yet another face in Posada." (

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