Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mets Clean House

The New York Mets made a variety of moves today, dictating the direction they want to go this off season. First, they agreed with 2B'man Marlon Anderson on a 2-year, $2.2M deal to pinch-hit for the club.

Marlon will make $1.05M next year and $1.15M in 2009. Quite a good deal for Marlon, who had a very good season for the Metropolitans. With the re-signing of one second-baseman, the Mets turned around and declined Jose Valentin's $4.3M option for next season. Valentin had a decent 2006 for the club, but injuries plagued his 2007 season. New York also declined RHP Brian Lawerence's $4M option, saving the club a total of $7.3M to use on a starting-pitcher for next season.

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