Monday, November 5, 2007

Nationals To Attempt To Sign Zimmerman Long Term Once Again

Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post posted a great article on the state of the Washington Nationals. Seems like the owning family, the Lerners, are "committed to raise payroll". Washington's payroll sat at a cool $38M last season.

GM Jim Bowden has already communicated with agents for Aaron Rowand and Torii Hunter, but made it clear that he would much rather aquire young players through trade than signing big name free-agents.

Svrluga also believes that the Nationals are set to once again offer third-baseman Ryan Zimmerman a multi-year contract to remain the face of the franchise. Talks stalled last year, as Bowden believes that "there's no urgency" in signing Ryan. "We don't have interest in doing a long-term deal that is going to cost us more money than going through the [arbitration] process."

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