Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mets Close To Signing Torrealba

"Numerous reports believe that the New York Mets are set to offer catcher Yorvit Torrealba a 3-year deal worth approximately $15M. Torrealba, who went to the World Series with the Colorado Rockies last year, hit a mere .255 last season with 8 HR and 47 RBI. His World Series appearance has got to be earning him quite a bit of cash, because it looks to the naked eye that the Mets are attempting to pay a back-up catcher $5M per year.

The Mets’ catcher last year, Paul Lo Duca, had a much better season than Torrealba, hitting .272 with 9 HR and 54 RBI. The Mets as a whole must not like Paul’s defensive side and age.

Analysis: Seems like the Mets are just attempting to try something new, as they’re overpaying for a catcher that is downgrading on the offensive side from what they had last year. Or maybe Omar Minaya is betting that Yorvit’s defense and ability to call games will help both the pitching staff and defense of the Mets. Either way, $5M is quite a bit to pay for a sub-par catcher.

Torrealba has told the media that he plans to allow the Rockies to match any offer he receives, but I doubt Colorado would want to match the 3/$15M deal the Mets are quoted to be putting up." (

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