Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All FA Team

So, you wanna see who would be the best bet to sign for your struggling team? Well I've compiled the All FA team to show you exactly where your team should go this offseason. Enjoy

C: Michael Barrett
I've already considered that neither Yorvit Torrealba or Jorge Posada will leave their respective teams. Barrett is a slightly better choice than Lo Duca for the simple fact that he's 5 years younger and considerably better defensively. Michael hit .244 with 9HR's and 41RBI's in 101 games between the Cubs and Padres, but hit considerably better with San Diego and heated up in the last month, hitting .333

1B: Sean Casey
Unlike Barret, Casey is for a fact going into free-agency and will be a great fit for any club. For one, he's a left-handed bat with an amazing eye, collecting an OBP of .353 for the Tigers this year. Hitting .296 with 4HR and 54RBI, Casey is a great number three bat for clubs who need OBP and occasional power.

2B: Tadahito Iguchi
Since Luis Castillo and Kaz Matsui don't look to be moving anywhere, the picking are quite slim at second, but Tadahito is definantly the front-runner. We all know he's a magician with the glove, and hitting .267 with 9HR 43RBI and 14SB with a .347 is pretty good production for a second-baseman. Easy choice here.

SS: David Eckstein
My gut feeling is that Eckstein will not be a Cardinal in '07, so a pesty short-stop who gets on base at a frequent pace is still very valuable. Slimmest position in the market, especially as besides Eckstein there is Cesar Izturis and nothing else.

3B: Alex Rodriguez
The soon to be 2007 American League MVP, A-Rod will easily opt out of his contract and play for the team with the most cash. A 10-year $300M deal is nowhere out of question, and Alex will be the home-run king by the time that deal ends.

OF: Mike Cameron, Torii Hunter, Barry Bonds
On Mike Cameron's side, he's a great player on both sides of the ball but is 35 years old and will lose a step or two in center the next few seasons. Hunter is the best bet in the outfield department, as he's 32 and is capable of hitting .280 with 25-30HR and driving in 85-100 in a year. Bonds is a great choice if you don't care about the excess baggage he brings with him. His OBP will help plenty of teams and I still believe he's capable of hitting 20HR's in a year.

DH: Mike Piazza
Piazza is an absolute professional hitter and will be a great DH for anyteam that will pick him up. He can take walks, hit the long ball, and move runners over. Teams like the Angels and Twins should take a great look at the ex-catcher.

CL: Octavio Dotel
Octavio still throws extremely hard and can easily save 30 games for a team next season. Will be interesting to see how the Braves play Dotel, as they should let him go to save up for the Teixera resigning.

Remember, I've already summed up the FA starting-pitcher batch over here.

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