Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eckstein Likely To Leave

It's almost a well-known fact know that Cardinal's shortstop David Eckstein is going to test the free-agent market this season and see if any team is looking for a short-stop to bat in the first two spots in the order. Eckstein had a decent season, hitting .303 in 117 games with only 58 R's and 10 SB's. His .358 OBP is still gonna help some teams, so i'm sure David can land a $5-6M deal with a team, maybe even the Cardinals.

Teams interested, noted tonight by FSN's Ken Rosenthal are the White Sox, Tigers, and Mets. I can't really seem to understand it from the Met's standpoint, as Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo are pretty darn good. The Tigers make tons of sense, especially as Carlos Guillen has already said that he will be playing 1B next season.

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