Thursday, October 11, 2007

Phillies' Wish List

According to The News Journal, the Philadelphia Phillies are willing to up payroll in '08 in order to sign a starter and a few relievers to boast their pitching staff. This announcement was made a few days after the departure of the Phils from the playoffs, seemingly hinting at raising the payroll, which was at $95M to start off the season. Since the pickings for starters are slim, it looks like they might overpay quite a bit for J.C. Romero and Kyle Lohse, and would still like to keep Aaron Rowand in the red. This gives them $30M to go out and spend on the arms, Curt Schilling maybe? It's quite a bit out of the blue, but Schilling back in Philadelphia would make sense for both parties. A perennial playoff team could use a veteran to anchor their staff anyhow.

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