Sunday, October 21, 2007

Luckiest & Unluckiest Pitchers of 2007

RotoAuthority has an amazing article up in which the writer's show which pitcher had the luckiest and unluckiest seasons by creating a formula including WHIP and a few various other stats. His work shows that Blue Jay's starter Josh Towers had the unluckiest 2007. His ERA was 5.38 while it should of been at a 3.83. He goes on to say that Mark Hendrickson, Jeremy Bonderman, Andrew Sonnastine, and David Wells also had amazingly unlucky years.

On the lucky side, Cubs starter Steve Trachsel was extremely lucky in the 2007 season, having an ERA at 4.48 while it should of been at 6.32. Giants starter Noah Lowry was also very lucky, as his WHIP was one of the highest in the league and he still was able to keep his ERA under 4.

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Michael said...

The numbers don't always tell the whole story! I watched Noah Lowry pitch just about every game this season and he was lights out! He got hit at times, but was able to bear down and get players out. He had a spectacular year and it shouldn't be discounted.

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