Saturday, October 20, 2007

Classic Beantown Beatdown

The Boston Red Sox knew this was the day to put up or shut up. And they chose to put up. After a horrid first-year with the club, right-fielder J.D. Drew smashed a 2-out grand slam in the very first inning en-route to a 12-2 trouncing. Indians' starter Fausto Carmona looked absolutely pathetic, only lasting 2+ innings surrendering 7 earned-runs with 4 walks. He also failed miserably when it came to keeping the left-handers honest, throwing all his sinkers away. Fausto's gotta learn that he must throw the ball "at" the lefties in order for it to sink inside and back them off.

Curt Schilling earned his 10th career postseason win going 7 innings only allowing 2 earned-runs with 6 hits. Now it'll be Daisuke Matsuzaka's turn to lead the Red Sox in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. Jake Westbrook, Cleveland's starter, defeated Matsuzaka in this series already and will hopefully prove that he can do it again.

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