Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hunter Will Accept 5/$75M

Star Tribune's Sid Hartman believes that if the Twins would offer a 5-year contract to Torii Hunter worth $75M, he would gladly sign. He's already told the media that he would like to play at new Twin's stadium for more than one year. The stadium is set to open in 2010. He also believes that if the Twins will backload Hunter's deal and trade Johan Santana for a stud young 3B, DH, and SP, they will have plenty of money to work with. The backload makes a lot of sense as Carlos Silva's deal would come off the books after next season.

If Hunter hits the open market, you can expect the Twins to have a hard time selling tickets without their fan-favorite center-fielder. Hartman goes on saying that Twins fans would rather sign Hunter and trade Johan than just let Hunter go to sign Johan. Seems like Johan's time in Minnesota might be over.

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