Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Padres Looking At Retaining Barfield

Padres General Manager Kevin Towers was in admist of his own winter meetings when he told the San Diego Union-Tribune that they would love to reacquire second-baseman Josh Barfield from the Indians. Cleveland now has Asdrubal Cabrera holding the job for the next decade, so Josh is no doubt expendable.

In 2006 when Josh was with the Padres, he hit .280 with 13HR 58RBI and a .318 OBP, much better numbers than his .243 3 50 .270 line in 2007. Would be a great fit for the Padres, as they would have both Josh Barfield and Kevin Kouzmanoff rounding off their infield of Khalil Greene and Adrian Gonzalez. The Mets might also look at Barfield, but it looks like they will most likely retain Luis Castillo.

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