Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bonds In KC?

Barry Bonds has made it clear that he wants to win a World Series before his career is over, ruling out the Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Although, most believe all the contenders have no need for a DH and might shift his views in the other direction.

A team like the Royals could use Bonds' OBP, as their team OBP is among the worst in the league. It would also bring more fans into Kansas City. Would definantly make sense for the Royals to spend $7-8M on Bonds, especially with $30M+ coming off the books.

The Lineup would look pretty sharp at:
1. David DeJesus CF
2. Mark Grudzielanek 2B
3. Barry Bonds DH
4. Billy Butler 1B
5. Alex Gordon 3B
6. Mark Teahen RF
7. John Buck C
8. Joey Gathright LF
9. Tony Pena Jr. SS

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