Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wily Mo Pena To Be Designated?

Update:Wily Mo Pena has cleared waivers. Amazing how Cincinatti or the White Sox didn't put a claim up. Epstein convinced them?

Speaking of all this Bobby Kielty stuff, both on the blog and on the radio show, if Bobby Kielty were called up that would most likely mean Wily Mo Pena would be designated. Pena has always been one of my favorite players as he was a stud out in Cincinatti before he was traded to Boston and now sits on the bench. I have always felt that if were given playing time he would do big things, but the Red Sox never gave him the chance. I hope the Sox choose to lose Pena and he could move on to a team that would give him playing time, Angels anyone?

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